Drop-In: $30

5 Class Card: $125

Monthly Unlimited: $200


Class includes herbal tea ceremony, a variety of cannabis options for consumption and a cannabis product gift to take home.

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Must be 21+ to participate.


Class Styles

LIT ACRO - guided by Dean Zeller

Learn simple AcroYoga partner practices that will nourish you and your partner at the same time. For the second half of the class, each student will experience a flying therapeutic massage from Dean while others practice, drink tea and consume cannabis (optional). Come solo or with a partner. BEG/INT

LIT RESET - guided by Anna Cantwell

Clarify, center, reconnect through cannabis, movement, and breath with Anna. She offers a slow, intentional Forrest yoga sequence that cultivates a mental, emotional, and physical clearing that will leave you refreshed and ready to start the week. Centered on alignment, slow, and breath-filled, Forrest yoga provides a path to move and release energy blocks in the body and mind. Class begins with a tea and cannabis ceremony. BEG/INT

LIT SOUL - guided by Vance Vlasek

Cannabis and tea ritual (consumption optional, CBD options available) followed by a dynamic and creative yoga flow. Harnessing the power of creativity, sound, and down to earth REALness, Vance will guide you through the layers of your being to explore the variety of expressions your soul is here to share. Class begins with a tea and cannabis ceremony. INT/ADV

LIT WOMEN - guided by Hannah Mason

Every full moon we gather in circle to honor the cyclical nature of both the earth and our bodies; beginning with a tea and cannabis ceremony followed by a feminine focused yoga flow, this class will nourish you from the inside out and shine light on the power that women have when they come together to hold sacred space and uplift one another. All levels.